Runs every month

Deadline for submissions is always

the 2nd of the next month.

 See here for Rules.  

JULY  Submissions are due by July 2, 2021

Get to Nic inworld!

Last  Winning Kitty:

Pelt: Van - Lilac

Eye Color: Earth

Eye Shape: Kawaii

Pupil: Ring

Ears: Tuft

Tail: Nibbit

Shade: Mint Aura

Body: Fluffy

JUNE  2021 Winners:

1st - ALEX (tabiya64)

2nd - NIC

3rd - ONICA


We are still seeing people selling old versions.  Please be courteous to your fellow breeders and UPDATE.

Any of you with 1.43 or earlier versions of cats, you MUST update them to Version 1.44.

For all v1.44 cats, you need V3 bowls.  

Old V2 bowls no longer work -  Please delete them. REMEMBER!  Your foods are stored on the server in your account.  V3 bowls will automatically load your food and milk.


If you do still have older versions, you can update them if they are yours.   You CANNOT update older cats/shells if they were given to you, or purchased AFTER November 1, 2020.

Please contact Nic (Nicolyti Resident) to update for you.

Do NOT BUY OR SELL v1.43 or earlier versions of cats. Their ownership will NOT change.  They will not work.

There is a little quirk with the original 1.44 updater…Cats updated with that first Updater will need to be rezzed TWICE when you pass a kitten/shell to someone:  To change ownership properly and make it fully functional.   That Updater was quickly adjusted, but there there are some cats out there still.   We are sorry for this inconvenience.

If your cat market sims are having monthly contests and would like a mention and share on this website, please contact Nicolyti Resident with all your information!  We’d love to :)

News and Recent Events:

What to look forward to in the coming weeks

Elemental Earth @ HQ

Neko - Black Opal & Latest pelts

New Contests!

August - Summer LE

Early September - SOS Event with

                New release

                New LE

                New OOAK

Mid-Late September -

Next Elemental - Water

Currently at HQ is our latest Elemental-Earth

It unlocks two pelt colors, Jungle Green and Terra, on 4 possible breeds:  Calico, Caliby, Van and Van Calico.

It can only be purchased with 10k stray points.

The Latest Neko has been released - Black Opal.

It will unlock the ‘Black Opal’ pelt on Solid and Bengal breeds.

This is a random possible drop in the last 5 breedings of any female cat.  It is however, extremely rare.

Recently Added:

Faboo Butterfly - Sapphire

Bengal - Liverspotted

German Shepherd - Raspberry Rose

Just began!!!

We need you to design our next Halloween LE!!!!   

Please read the following for all the information you need - HERE!


Also !!!!

A Breeding Contest for a Halloween Themed Kitty.

Please read the following for all the information you need - HERE!

There are Boards with notecards inworld at HQ and on our Bast sim also.


Don’t forget to use our Webtools WebMarket to help promote your sales!

See how to use it: