We wanted to share this opportunity with all our creative breeders and lovers of Stray Cats!

We are looking for an inventive, adorable story about Strays - where they might have come from, how they started, why they are here.....etc.   Please feel free to add what makes them enjoyable and fun as a breedable to you.

Show us your creativity!


Deadline for submissions:  OCTOBER 31, 2022 @ NOON SLT


Send your story in a Notecard to Nicolyti Resident in-world.

One Submission per person.

Minimum requirement of 4 submissions to hold the contest.


Stray and Nic will read through all submissions and select a winning story that they feel best reflects Stray Cats Breedable.


The winning story may be subject to edit for length, clarity or grammar.  By submitting your story you agree that it is free to use and fully licensed to Stray Cats, to be used as may be needed.  

The winning story will be displayed in full, unedited, on our website for a period of time, to show the full submission.

Prize: There is no monetary reward for this challenge, however the winner will receive a 10-pack of food and milk as a thank you!



By submitting your contest story, you agree that Stray Cats can use these submissions freely, completely and full permissions, without cost or renumeration of any kind.


I can't wait to see your ideas!



Stray Cats Story Contest